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The Hyp2Hip Slimming program is a combination of hypnosis and Emotional Self-Management. (E.S.M.).


ESM is an innovative method that is an advanced form of Thought Field Therapy. It is a combination of breathing, affirmations, and meridien point stimulation that – in the space of only 15 minutes – facilitates elimination of emotional blockages in the body.

ESM can eliminate addiction to sugar, bread and other foods. It has created a storm in the USA where it was discussed on NBC, Fox and CNN with Larry King Live. Dr George Pratt and Dr Peter Lambrou, the developers of the ESM method, have reported « a 95% success rate is practical and achievable in a clinical setting. In most cases, we are talking not about temporary relief of symptoms but about ridding clients of their distress forever." Their excitement about their success is based on 18 000 treatments with ESM alone including research on eliminating claustrophobia of patients at the Scripps Memorial Hospital in California.

Dr Katie Richard, the designer of Hyp2Hip Slimming program was trained by the founders of ESM in the USA and has used it since 2003 with great success with eliminating food addiction. Whereas it does not work for everybody, it can have dramatic results.

The hypnosis used in this DVD is based on methods used by hypnosis greats including Milton Erickson and specific methods that have been found in many research studies to be effective.

Hypnotic programming eliminates the need for willpower to eat like a slim person. It facilitates adoption of choosing slimming as an automatic process.

Hypnosis is a natural state you slip into naturally every day of your life. It is completely safe and you remain in complete control at all times. Contrary to myths perpetuated by hypnosis shows and TV programs, there is no danger of « not coming out of trance. » In fact, there are no negative side-effects. It is simply a state of relaxation that allows your subconscious mind to be reprogrammed.

For most people, hypnosis fails to deliver results because it administered by poorly trained hypnotherapists who use outdated or methods not evidenced in research. Having trained at the Academy of Hypnotherapy in London in 1991, Dr Richard has used her years of experience to develop this program using only those methods evidenced based hypnosis methods. Combined with her clinical experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr Richard has developed a program sure to give you the freedom to eat like a slim person.

The DVD should be used as a supplement to the book. 

Weight off Your Mind – the Book  ($25.00)


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