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How To Treat Weight Management Problems and Binge Eating Disorder

by Dr Katie Richard

(Clinical Psychologist)


This workshop is for you if you are a General Practitioner, dietitian, weight management consultant, nutritionist, wellness coach, psychologist, counsellor, social work or other health professional interested in working to assist people who are struggling with the binge eating and weight management problems. It is offered in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Darwin and Brisbane.


In this workshop you will learn:

●         how to help clients quit “emotional eating” and stop food cravings

●         evidence-based weight maintenance strategies – identifying factors that will prevent weight loss and how to manage these effectively

●         the promises you can make to your clients and promises you can't: which part can you make effortless

●         the fat acceptance movement and body image treatments

●         the efficacy and evidence of alternative therapies incl hypnosis, acupuncture, etc

●         what is Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.) and is there such a thing as “Food Addiction”

●         the theories of obesity incl. environmental and psychological influences

●         the evidence of conventional psychological therapies (CBT, IPT), Mindfulness and other modalities in treating BED and weight management                     problems

●         whether EMDR is the new innovation for BED treatment and weight management

●         the importance of therapeutic alliance

●         the 6 factors that you need to address regardless of which treatment modality you use

●         when and why to refer to a medical practitioner and/or dietitian

●         when and why bariatric surgery can be helpful and why it's not the panacea

●         which psychological comorbidities need to be addressed to facilitate treatment

●         whether willpower and motivation is actually involved in weight loss and maintenance

●         why slimming diets fail for most and how and why some succeed

●         how to manage loss of control with eating and hyperactive eating

●         recommended, reliable, valid and appropriate measures and assessment tools

●         how you can engage the mechanism of brain plasticity to facilitate change

●         how to get your clients to engage in physical activities (exercise) and know the limitations


You will receive handouts and a treatment manual which can be in PDF format or if preferred, in hardcopy.


9am – 5pm (registration at 8.30am)


Location and Dates  (Exact dates & venues to be confirmed):

Please register your interest by emailing


Cost for this 1-day workshop

Registration Fee: $350 (must be booked at least 7 days prior to event)

Early Bird registration (if booked at least 30 days before): $270 

group discount: register 3 or more: $70 discount

Payment can be made by credit or debit card or direct deposit


About the Presenter:  Katie Richard, B.A., M.A., Psy.D (Clin. Psych.) MAPS


●         graduated from CSPP,  Alliant International University in San Diego in 2001 with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; Master of Arts in Clin.                    Psych (1999) San Diego, USA

●         received her B.A. Psych. from the University of Miami, USA(1996)

●         completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Social Learning Theory and Psychotherapy from the University of Birmingham, UK

●         Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (1991) from the Academy of Hypnotherapy (UK) and a member of the Professional Hypnotherapist

            Centre (UK)

●         EMDR Practitioner (original training in 2001 in San Diego); Level I & II certified

●         16 years post-doctoral clinical experience and has worked primarily with clients with addictions and Binge Eating Disorders and weight                               management problems since 2009

●         has been a clinical supervisor since 2009 and has done seminars for Griffith University Medical School

●         was the primary investigator in the research of EMDR for BED at the University of Sydney

●         presented her research at the Eating Disorder and Obesity Conference in May 2015

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